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MASKORMENANCE will open to all current players this evening. The CAPEANDCOWL half will be kept open for people to finish backtagging and wrapping up any plotlines you might have. Pleasure ensure that you've joined the MoM communities!


You reach out to Lachesis. She feels you, she accesses you.

One last grin, then a bust of bright light.

It feels as if both you and Lachesis are both suddenly and extremely positively charged -- you repel away, as she seems to from you. If she speaks to you, and you think she does, you don't hear her words, but you feel them. You feel the tone in the very marrow of your bones, you feel the pride and disdain and regret in the nucleus of every atom. As you shoot like comets against the darkening, collapsing vacuum, you feel the glimmer of hope that she always held for you.

You were always the heroes of Lachesis.

Your body seems airy, weightless, even abstract. The transition happens in seconds, but you feel every darkyear of travel, you feel yourself moving through the membrane of this universe. It isn't like before, it isn't a quick blink, a pop.

This one is forever.

The buzz down your spine informs you that you're whole again, you're here. You feel the normality of logical atmosphere once more. Your muscles are sore, but you know you're alive.

You open your eyes and --


Jan. 14th, 2014 01:26 pm
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so as of about 12am on the 12th of january, karkat vantas is DEAD.

he got blown up by his metaman and will not return until the first wave of imports port into the world of mask or menace. he will be slightly less depressing to be around when that happens, due to deathbed epiphanies and all that jazz.
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Without further ado, welcome, Heroes, to the future. Well, almost.

Before we begin:
If you are a current player that is interested in staying for the reboot and you have not commented to THIS thread, please do so before 12:01 Monday (the 13th) morning.
Failure to do so will mean you and your characters will be considered dropped and you will have to wait until applications open in February to re-apply.

This post will serve three functions:

1. to delve into some further detail regarding some particular worldbuild functions that will be relevant to know particularly for the workshopping process, or that may have been tweaked since the last post, and general workshop expectations
2. to arrange jobs and housing for current characters since obviously they are bypassing the get-sorted-upon-app-acceptance part of this process, and what characters may bring with them from [community profile] capeandcowl to [community profile] maskormenace
3. to plot on! Much like a regular CR/plotting post, players can post top-level comments for themselves and their characters with what ideas they'd like to pursue in the reboot so far and what they might be looking for, just to start things on a solid note. Plan out as much or as little as you'd like to.

read more )
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Daily updates will come until the 7th, when the final plot post will be available.

January 6th, 2014
While the slight shifts in the Earth's rotation are not yet pronounced, the continually reduced tides are already causing issues for global trade. Natives are panicking. Some institutions are trying to hold control and offer solace (local community centers, humane organizations), but people understand what's going on. The end is nearing. The hours oscillate between people holed up inside their homes, holding their loved ones, and spontaneous fervor on the streets: doomsday prophets flood like the Red Sea onto streets, looters take full advantage of abandoned shops. Television is interfered with, often you will find only dead air. The President holds an address on public radio twice a day, but it's more for morale than any initiatives. There is no united front among nations, as every populace is trying to fend for itself.

Stars have begun to vanish from the sky -- the dimmest at first, those that are billions of lightyears away. But slowly, familiar constellations vanish. With a telescope, you can see the faint golden glow of the expanding bubble.

It is coming.

Metal no longer groans, it whispers. All metal whispers, and it all keeps saying one thing.


By nightfall, 45% of all electricity in public places has been cut. It's a very, very dark world, with no moon and dying constellations. The ground trembles beneath your feet.

That SOMETHING hiding, robed in darkness, now screams over the atmosphere. Big swaths of metal is ripped from the earth, stripped form building. It rises, spiraling to the sky above.

The bubble can be seen in the sky, now.
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Daily updates will come until the 7th, when the final plot post will be available.

January 5th, 2014
The remaining lunar pieces begin to orbit Earth, forming a thin and Saturn-like ring. The tides stand still. This does not bode well for sea life. There is no moonlight, which is hardly peculiar given then circumstance -- what is odd, however, is the reoccurring shadow that seems to eclipse the sun for a few moments every couple of hours.

The bubble born on the other side of the universe keeps expanding. When it envelopes something, it begins to change the physics and chemistry of the universe, as if one alternative universe is fighting to breathe within another.

Back on Earth, animals begin to flee, and seek wilderness. Perhaps because they could sense the bizarre groaning about to come: the groaning and moaning of all metal-based objects. It almost sounds humanlike, and it definitely sounds deeply pained.
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Daily updates will come until the 7th, when the final plot post will be available.

January 4th, 2014
Today, in the City and the world, things are eerily calm. But somewhere, in the cold depths of space on the other side of the universe, a bubble expands. It begins as an inert, microscopic nothing – as it has been for 13 billion years – but then it grows. And its growth accelerates.

By night, moon shards will catch Earth's orbit, and some dozens will fall through the atmosphere. By the time the moon pieces hit the Earth, they will be anywhere from a yard to three yards in length and width. Watch out for these penile missiles.

The SOMETHING that broke the moon is quiet.
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Hello, C&C! We are in the homestretch now; the reboot is upon us. This post contains the details of reboot; the WHATS, WHOS, WHERES, WHENS, and WHYS, so to speak. Below the cut you'll find basic summaries and information, explanation of function, intended mechanic changes, and dates. Comments and questions will be welcome at this time, from either current or prospective players, as this post is open to the public.

Details on C&C's final plot chapter, the one that will conclude this story arc and bring us into the next -- the part one endgame, as it were -- will be forthcoming later this week. Following that post, will also be another reboot-relevant post on the 12th to coordinate housing, what characters may bring from C&C 1.0 into the new setting, jobs, activity goals during the workshopping, and other minor details for current characters and players that would normally be covered through the application process.

Thank you again for your patience during this transition.

One small cut for mankind... )
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Heyyo, cats and kittens! This is olesia here with the monthly activity check, but things are going to work a little differently this time. Since, starting this month, we'll be transitioning from the present universe of C&C 1.0 to the workshopping of 2.0, activity requirements for this upcoming month will be temporarily altered -- rather than meeting goals of quantity (3 comments per log thread, 2 network posts, etc), we will instead be aiming for goals of achievement. These will be benchmarks of development both for characters and for the worldbuild, the specifics of which will be laid out in the coming days in tandem with further information about the workshopping phase.

As such, characters that fell short of activity this past month will not be able to take traditional 3-count warning status in the upcoming month. But, to confirm each player's continued interest in playing here at C&C, we ask that the players of the following characters please reply to this post with what proofs of exemption or of activity they have - even those that might otherwise fall short of our requirements - as well as note of their continued desire to play. Because of the nature of this requirement, a player can only speak for their own activity and intention.

Without further ado, the following nine characters have not yet made activity, and their players are required to comment to this post:

    ● [personal profile] amoray — Eridan Ampora | Prince of Hope   Staying
    ● [personal profile] auntyquated — Sharon Rainsworth | N/A   Staying
    ● [personal profile] cawky — Davesprite | Feathery Asshole
    ● [personal profile] kegflipped — Troy Barnes | The Truest Repairman   Staying
    ● [personal profile] klutziness — Rikku | Machina Maw   Staying
    ● [personal profile] maggotbone — Callie Maggotbone | N/A
    ● [personal profile] smarterthandad — Valeria Richards | N/A   Staying
    ● [personal profile] symmachy — Scathach | the Shadow   Staying
    ● [personal profile] tesselate — Billy Kaplan | Wiccan   Departing

If your character is listed, and you wish to stay aboard, please respond to this post by 11:59PM Eastern, Tuesday, January 7th.

Thank you, and I hope 2014 is a great one for everyone!

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as there was some interest shown in one, i took the liberty of making a mass log for general heroic deeds, evacuations and whatnot during the apocalypse. although the starter is geared towards helping civilians not end up spaghetti, it's also there for helping/mingling with other imports, and pretty much anything else you can think of.
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Beginning tomorrow, strange things will start to happen to the Cityverse. These are all elements that foreshadow what is to come, and players are encouraged to react to the stimuli. Bigger changes come with the New Year, and whatever is breaking apart the world now will be noticed. This is all prelude to the reboot information ongoing in January, when a post will come in the first week!

it's the end of the world as we know it )
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Sadly, the time has come where I just plain don't have the time to play in the game any more. This has been a really tough decision for me, but I think it's for the best that I drop now rather than squat any longer.

I've been at this game for just under two years, and I've had an absolutely wonderful time and developed some ridiculously fun CR and plots over that time. If anyone still wants to do anything with my characters, I'm still more than happy to do some roleplay in a private setting.

This means Daria ([personal profile] onmyneck) is finally going home to finish her canon in peace. All of her possessions are left for April to do what she sees fit with them, but it's not like she had anything interesting anyway.

Thank you C&C!! If you're still around in some form when I get more free time, I will definitely be crawling back. For now, however, it's goodbye.
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I've used that tagline before.

I've posted an OPEN MINGLE at the church for the holidays from today and onto New Years! You can handwave/assume word has been spread by flyers and etc in the City if you like. Characters are welcome to sit in for service, donate food, or just eat if they want. Whatever works!!

Happy Holidays!
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Hey everyone, I'm back! I'll be picking up tags from pre-hiatus over the next few days as well as jumping into the mistletoe log and putting together Peter's return post. Let me know if you want to plot anything!

-1 Bradbury

Dec. 9th, 2013 07:33 pm
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Sorry guys. You might have noticed my low activity has completely dropped off the map at late - too many games, and getting used to work... I'm afraid I just don't have the drive to play Charlie here anymore. :( One day, perhaps I'll be back - if not with Charlie, than with someone else. But for the time being, I think it's about time I wrapped it up and shipped Charlie back home (Or. Oz, as the case might be.)

It was great playing with all of you - and I hope to still see you around the interwebs. :)
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Hey gang. As promised, here is the discussion post that will serve, in lieu of an HMD this month, as a place for players (or prospective players, or former players) to offer their opinions, feedback, critiques, and suggestions about the idea for a game reboot or, if not that, an endgame after the New Year. Please read this whole post. We understand this is a busy time and all of us will be monitoring this post for as long as it's active, but we ask that players are patient with us in turn when it comes to response time. We'll try our hardest not to keep anyone waiting.

Anonymous has not been enabled for this post, as we would like to heavily encourage players to chime in with their names for a truly honest discourse. It's easier for us as mods -- but also for fellow players -- to know when it's a player speaking before engaging in a discussion with them, and we feel at this point it's more productive to be as straightforward as possible. In this sort of discussion, unlike with ordinary HMDs, identity does have weight and it is our players we are soliciting for discussion. However, if you are uncomfortable leaving feedback logged in we are not currently disallowing the use of sock accounts.

(As an additional reminder, each/all of the mods can also be contacted anon-enabled and IP-disabled outside of this post.)

Here's how it works: In the post below, several subjects that have been brought to us already as concerns will be listed and addressed to the best of our current ability, leaving opportunity for player feedback. As big a change as this is, we want to make sure the majority of the playerbase is on board with the same thing before we make any decisions one way or the other. As excited as we are about our reboot ideas, if ultimately they won't amount to much due to either disinterest, preference toward an endgame, or whatever else, we'd rather expend our efforts toward ending the game on a good note than developing a wholly new setting that won't get used. We will include, as well, a very brief blurb about the setting in case having an idea about our ideas makes any difference.

Each of us moderators will have a thread in this post where people can direct specific concerns of any kind to any one of us, and as mentioned above we also have our individual HMDs for use if it's more comfortable. The rest of post itself should serve as an open discussion not just to (with) us, but with your fellow players as well. We encourage people offering feedback and suggestions (or simply reading) to also go around and respond to others that are left so that whatever comes from this post can be, at least, a solid consensus.

Based on what discussion unfolds here, following this post -- after about a week -- we will post a poll, locked to the community, for players to finally register their vote in what happens. The reason this poll will be locked is because, given that this involves the future of the game, we want a method of ensuring that only players are voting.

Last of all, we ask that everyone please be respectful. We want to hear our players and react to their needs, and we also want our players extending the same courtesy to one another. It is okay to be critical or blunt as long as you're still courteous in the process -- there are no right or wrong opinions here -- but please avoid being aggressive or dismissive of anyone's points, even if you disagree with them. We will intervene if we see any hostile threads.
to cut to the chase: )


Dec. 7th, 2013 09:25 am
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With life being as busy as it is for me lately, I'm dropping Piccolo for now from the game.

I'll still be around with Callie, since that's all I think I can handle right now.

Messages he will leave in the event of him porting out will go out to specific individuals.
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Howdy there. I'm just making a note that Abed will be on hiatus until around Dec. 28th, on autopilot! Troy and his City Hall associates can pretty much godmod him around however they'd like! This is a time of year when my RP focus goes sharply downhill, which people have possibly already noticed by my increased slowness, and I apologize!

I can be hit up via PM or plurk if anyone has questions about a thread or something. Thanks, guys!
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Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling too... Come on, it's lovely weather for SLEEPING UNTIL SPRING, but sadly I am not a bear, and I am relatively certain the same can be said for most of you. Unfortunately, being unable to hibernate means it's time for Activity Check.

First off, the following ACTIVITY WARNING STATUS characters have not yet met their requirements:
    ● [personal profile] not_really_charlie — Charlene "Charlie" Bradbury | N/A

If you can prove your activity in posts, logs, and up to one main community comment thread, the character will be returned to standard activity requirements. Otherwise, they will be dropped from the game.

Now, for the rest of you! For reference, our current activity rules can be found here, and any specific concerns you may have about someone's activity in-game may be left here.

Characters that have not yet made activity are behind the cut. This round, we have: ~20 people )

PLEASE check the list even if you're sure you should be clear, just to be safe.

If your character is on this list, you must reply to this entry by 11:59PM Eastern, Saturday, December 7th.

If your character is on this list, but you are sure they HAVE met activity requirements, or you were on hiatus for at least seven days, or your character was accepted after November 15th, please comment here such that we may correct our information.

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HELLO this is Noodles (player of Christine | [personal profile] detriments) bringing in my second character, Cole Sear from The Sixth Sense! If you haven't watched this movie then WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ok no

Cole is a medium! He can see and interact with the dead - and it's safe to say, in fact, that he serves as some kind of magnet to them. The dead he's used to have no idea they're dead, for the most part, and they scare the living shit out of him. Luckily he's managed to start trying to understand them a little better towards the end of the movie, so he might not be quite as traumatized about it in the City. If you'd like to plot with me regarding deaths I am so totally up for it mang.

I won't be home until Monday, though, so I'll most likely wait until then to intro him! Yaaay.


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