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applications;; grab your cloak and domino

✖ Applications are CLOSED until February 2014. Reserves are OPEN.
✖ Do not apply until after you've read the RULES and the FAQ.
✖ If you have any questions about the application process, please read the APPLICATION FAQ!
✖ For an idea of what we're looking for in an application, feel free to look at our SAMPLE APP!
We are not currently accepting applications for the following categories of characters:
● Characters from television series still within their first season of broadcast;
● Newly-introduced characters from ongoing comics with fewer than twelve issues of canon.



✖ Fill out the provided form!
✖ Post a single comment reply containing your character's name and series.
✖ Post the text of your application in reply to your first comment. No links!
✖ All comments are screened; no one will see your application except for moderators!
UPDATE: As of 05/30/12, all community-post and logs-post samples must be set in-game, that is, in the world of C&C after your character has been Imported.
✖ Do not join the communities until you've been accepted.
✖ Once you are accepted, please follow the directions in your acceptance notice!
✖ You may only apply for one character per cycle.
✖ You may not reserve a character during the application submission period.
✖ If you are asked to revise, please reply to the thread with your revisions directly in the comments. Do not overwrite the original application!
✖ If your application is declined, you may not reapply until the following application cycle.
✖ If your application is declined three times, you may not reserve or reapply for that character again until three months have passed since the third decline notice.
✖ Have fun and good luck!