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getting in touch

Have a question, comment, complaint or player issue? That's what we're here for. As your moderators, we have many ways you can contact us, either individually or as a group.

Our moderator inbox is IP-disabled, and comments screened; access to it is limited to moderators only.

If you'd rather get in touch with a specific moderator on an individual level, our contact information is below the cut; each moderator has a screened post on their personal journals with the same settings as the mod box above, though we are also available by IM, Email, and Plurk -- but this will obviously lead to us knowing your identity. Just remember, we like it when you talk to us. c:

Head Mod
olesia[personal profile] olesia[ profile] magicite
journal inbox
AIM @ dammit olesia AT gmail DOT com
Executive Power!! | Activity Check | Public Announcements

Gabbie[personal profile] gabbie[ profile] osbornchild
journal inbox
AIM @ howdoishotbombs
thegreengablin AT gmail DOT com
Filters | Activity FAQ | HMD

Leah[personal profile] goodburger[ profile] shiteous
journal inbox
AIM @ formalleah
bromunculus AT gmail DOT com
General FAQ | Plot Calendar | Player Plots & Character Deaths

Nita[personal profile] erewhile[ profile] dylandy
journal inbox
AIM @ hierarchics
ziodynes AT gmail DOT com
ATP & Test Drive | Canon Updates & Power Adjustments

Sara[personal profile] noematic[ profile] cyanidetimes
journal inbox
AIM @ sphinxtherefore
sphinxingintongues AT googlemail DOT com
Modplot | World Build | Network/Communicator FAQ

(You may also reply to this entry, but IP logging is on here; our apologies, but it's the community setting, and we've had it abused in the past.)