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taken characters;; the stars of the show

anime / manga - video games
books / plays - television / film / radio
DC Comics - marvel comics - other comics

Character Name Alias Username Superpowers Player
Anime / Manga
DOGS: Bullets & Carnage
Nill N/A [personal profile] culver Insta-Loli, Heine radar, touch telepathy. Iola
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
Yako Katsuragi Miss Detective [personal profile] topslug Power Amplification Kytha
One Piece
Sanji Mr. Prince [personal profile] notadartboard Super-strength from the waist down, which has secondary effects of nigh-invulnerability to his legs and feet, above-normal speed and agility, enhanced stamina and accelerated healing Cap
Pandora Hearts
Gilbert Nightray N/A [personal profile] corviform Chain, high physical resistance & power sensing Nita
Sharon Rainsworth N/A [personal profile] auntyquated chain/fan summoning/homing sense Ishmael
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Kyouko Sakura Ophelia [personal profile] seeksherownsalvation Magical girl, illusion (inactive), linguistic telepathy extension Eastling
Tiger & Bunny
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Wild Tiger [personal profile] wild_roar Hundred Power Cap
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters // anime)
Alastair Hacker [personal profile] hackeralastair "Linguopath": the ability to understand and communicate in nearly any language Cap
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Rua Deformer [personal profile] deformer Technopathy, Signer telepathy. Jeff
Ruka Gallitrap [personal profile] dragony Signer-based defense mechanisms; empathic psychometry; perception and comprehension of the invisible/monsters. olesia
Video Games
Fate/Stay night
N/A Archer [personal profile] swordedpast Servant status, magecraft, cool things he does with swords Eastling
Cu Chulainn Lancer [personal profile] lucke Servant Status, Rune Magic, Torque Lumiere
Kirei Kotomine The Overseer [personal profile] toolongdidntrejoice Magecraft. Spontaneous mapo tofu generation. Peps
Rin Tohsaka N/A [personal profile] gandere Magecraft, Jewelcraft Kattu
Final Fantasy X-2
Rikku Machina Maw [personal profile] klutziness Insta Dressphere Iola
Persona 3 Portable
Minako Arisato The Wild Card [personal profile] xxii_thefool Persona use: Orpheus Telos, Thanatos, Messiah Abby
Rogue Galaxy
Steve Pocacchio Superhero Steve [personal profile] remarkablyspry stretchy body Elle
Books / Plays
The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
Scathach The Shadow [personal profile] symmachy Vampire (mortal), enhanced strength, master swordsman/fighter/etc. Iola
The Gemma Doyle trilogy
Gemma Doyle n/a [personal profile] psychomancy Illusions/mild telepathy Iola
Television / Film / Radio
Abed Nadir Meta Man [personal profile] coolcubed Immune to physical pain, "Dreamatorium" Dani
Troy Barnes The Truest Repairman [personal profile] kegflipped tool hammerspace, room temperature Amy
Abel Gideon ???? [personal profile] enabeled Disguising, healing, and un-healing Gabbie
Frederick Chilton Chief of Staff!! [personal profile] slightlyoffchilt Vocalrood Projection and limited Lethal Inflection Sara
Hannibal Lecter Alias [personal profile] buttpatting healing hands, creating incisions, regenerating inner organs Cyn
Lost Girl
Kenzi N/A [personal profile] wisecracked Survivor's Luck and Telekinesis and Shield Constructs. sylph
Christine Stanford N/A [personal profile] detriments Persuasion Noodles
Parks and Recreation
April Ludgate Janet Snakehole [personal profile] aggressiveapathy Raccoon summoning/control, conditional invulnerability, taco hands Stacey
Molly Hooper n/a [personal profile] ecphrasis Instant coffee, mild empathy/emotion control Iola
The Sixth Sense
Cole Sear n/a [personal profile] thanatophobias Medium abilities Noodles
Ugly Americans
Callie Maggotbone n/a [personal profile] maggotbone Succubi form. Brakish
DC Comics
N/A Bane [personal profile] breakyou power amplification/draining. spontaneous teddy bear generation. Peps
Edward Nygma The Riddler [personal profile] enigmaestro Ability to detect falsehood. Sara
Harvey Dent Two-Face [personal profile] indentcision Duplication, Impartial Analysis Gabbie
Kate Kane Batwoman [personal profile] gevurah Power nullification, red touch. Nita
Oswald Cobblepot The Penguin [personal profile] motherflocker Immunity to the cold, turning birds into umbrellas and vice-versa. Jill
Ex Machina (Wildstorm)
Mitchell Hundred The Great Machine [personal profile] viced Mechanopathy Jill
Rick Bradbury N/A [personal profile] waiting Disruption/nullification, superhuman reflexes. Kytha
New Earth
Karen Starr Power Girl [personal profile] boobwindow solar energy absorption Nita
Renee Montoya N/A [personal profile] withamask Skilled Shot and Regeneration Nelly
Richard Swift The Shade [personal profile] foreshadower Immortality, shadow manipulation, shadow teleportation. Jill
Secret Six
Scandal Savage N/A [personal profile] wechoose Regeneration, Power Nullification, Adorable Animal Affinity Nelly
N/A Hooded Justice [personal profile] ropedin Invisibility, power nullification Jill
Nelson Gardner Captain Metropolis [personal profile] retropolis Radio telepathy. gabbie
Wildstorm: The Authority
Jenny Quantum Eclipse [personal profile] centurybaby Reality manipulation, 21st century physics. Maddie
Marvel Comics
Earth-616 (General)
Frank Castle The Punisher [personal profile] fronttowardenemy Camoflague, sniper vision (left eye only). Peps
Lillian Crawley-Jeffries Diamond Lil [personal profile] glassbox Invulnerability Win
Terrance Ward Trauma [personal profile] demonspawn Shapeshifting, fear-reading, immortality. Win
Tony Stark Iron Man [personal profile] liverletdie Canon Extremis abilities Jill
Fantastic Four
Valeria Richards N/A [personal profile] smarterthandad invisibility, force fields Carolyn
Spectacular Spider-Man (TV)
Felicia Hardy Black Cat [personal profile] acrossyourpath Bad luck abilities. Gabbie
Norman Osborn Iron Patriot [personal profile] osreborn Goblin abilities (superhuman intelligence, strength, speed, stamina, durability, regenerative healing, agility, reflexes), Iron Patriot armor. Gabbie
Peter Parker Spider-Man [personal profile] incywincyhero Enhanced physiology, webbing, psychic blindspot. Skalja
Danger N/A [personal profile] heartlessglitch Hardlight holograms, robot. Maddie
Kurt Wagner Nightcrawler [personal profile] themisfit Teleportation. Amy
Young Avengers
Billy Kaplan Wiccan [personal profile] tesselate reality warping Rema
Other Comics
Davesprite Feathery Asshole [personal profile] cawky Sprite form, Knight of Time, Rambunctious Crow Kay (II)
Eridan Ampora Prince of Hope [personal profile] amoray Troll transformation, hope manipulation, White Science blasts. Kirsten
Kanaya Maryam Sylph of Space [personal profile] glowsferatu Rainbow Drinker form, spaceweaving, makeupkind specibus King
Karkat Vantas Threshecutioner [personal profile] crab Troll physiology, Sylladex, empathy Shadow
Nepeta Leijon Rogue of Heart [personal profile] shipper Troll physiology, clawkind specibus, pheromone manipulation Len
Rose Lalonde Seer of Light [personal profile] nitidus Flight, Seer of Light foretelling & basic offensive magic. Dani

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